Non-Violent Communication App

about the App

These are the images that you’ll see after installing the App. 

They will take you through the 4 steps of the Non Violent Communication….


This App will give you the tools to express the feelings and needs. 

You will learn to solve your conflicts within yourself, with people and find a way to connect with others.

The App is recommended for those who already finished one full NVC basic course.

at Work

The App helps you to focus on your 

goals, to understand your business partners and your customers which will lead you to success.

with Friends

Would you like to talk about it …?

Did you have a quarrel? … would you reconcile?  

Would you like to connect

to others?


But don’t know HOW?

in the Family

Where the conflict is most painful,

and most difficult…


How to understand those who are the most important to us?


about us...

What does the App mean to us?


Juli Redő 

Rita Bende 

KristóF Buzna

" now smart phones are part of our life,

they don't have to separate us, instead they can bring us together... "

" ... instead of reacting automatically - give time for yourself to look beyond the surface and listen to your inner voice..."

"... sometimes I don't even know how I feel, and I think I'm not the only one.

What do I need?

I believe this app will help to improve my and others' well being."


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We are happy to answer your questions and we are looking forward to hearing about your experience.

And please let us know how we can improve the app. 

message sent

Thank you for all the support we have received from our friends, partners and family members who helped us to create this App!

May this App be beneficial to you and bring happiness in to your life!

Juli, Rita, Kristóf